GDPR: What does it mean?


What does it mean?

(Gorillas Don’t Peel Rhubarb?)

(Geese Deliver Pizzas Rapidly?)

(Gorbachev Didn’t Please Reagan?)


GDPR (stop it, I can hear you sighing from here) stands for General Data Protection Regulation.  It sets out the rules for how your personal data is used by companies, and how you can consent for your data to be used.


GDPR in your classroom

In a school context. GDPR should be fairly easy to follow, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Always lock your computer when you are away from it, not everyone has the same permissions.  Never allow anyone else to use your profile on a classroom PC.
  • Only keep information  for as long as you need it, including photographs (I know that those pictures show the outdoor learning area when it was new, but those children are 13 now, and haven’t given you consent to keep their pictures!).
  • Unencrypted USB sticks should not be used.  Use of a USB stick could result in disciplinary action, depending on your school / trust—check your school’s Code of Conduct.
  • Paper with details on it simply turn it over or pop it into a folder.
  • Passwords – never share your password with anyone – you wouldn’t share your PIN number with a colleague, so why share your password.


Why does this apply to me?

GDPR applies to everyone who holds data about another person.  Within a school setting you hold the following data on each pupil:

Pupil Parent Staff
Full name Full name Full name
Date of birth Home address Home address
Address Telephone number(s) Telephone number(s)
Religion Email address Email address
NHS number Relationship status Relationship status
Any social services involvement Religion Religion
Any SEN information Any social services involvement Bank details
Pupil Premium information NI number (pupil premium) Salary details
Work address NI number


It’s very easy to be a little peeved about someone, write a message about them and send it to them by mistake.  We’ve all made genuine mistakes, we’re human, but as a teacher, teaching assistant, senior leader, office manager, administration staff, caretaker, lunchtime supervisor, extended day assistant, etc.  you have access to more information than the general public, and it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. 

If you would like more information about GDPR, and how IT Systems can help you navigate through, please contact


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